Roshard International is a private label manufacturer of cosmetics founded by dedicated people who truly believe that they can make the world more beautiful. Not only by manufacturing beautiful products but also by giving happiness and self-confidence to all women using our cosmetics. We make them feel beautiful and comfortable every day.

In our products we use only high quality ingredients supplied by certificated producers. Our formulas, before market launch, have to meet high level requirements in terms of quality and application. We must be sure that our customers will be fully satisfied with our products. 

As a private label contractor Roshard International guarantees products quality and in-time delivery - the most important factors in successful cooperation. Having long term experience we can successfully face every challenge in cosmetic business. Deep knowledge of private label specifics, worldwide packaging connections and high level of customer service make us unique as a business partner. Following our motto:

"We don't just produce beautiful products, we know how to make them successful"

We cooperate with our customers on daily basis not only in the area of production and delivery process, but also - market trends, new formulas development and marketing & sales support. We do our best to make the cooperation as effective as possible to build our joint success.

Although Roshard International, as a private label supplier, offers extremely wide range of cosmetics of different quality and price level, we decided to strongly support development of natural cosmetics as the leading segment in the future.

As the first step we have created the line of natural, vegan make up cosmetics. For the start we can offer almost complete line of make-up products. In our new formulas we have eliminated artificial ingredients. They are based on natural components supplied by certificated producers.

We do believe that the change in our strategy is our first step/our small contribution to help saving our planet and keeping it green for next generations.

We work according to ISO and GMP international standards.

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